Safety is the first and foremost value of Tata Power as it prioritizes it more than any other business objective. Tata Power deems the wellbeing of its employees as well as its stakeholders with immense importance with safety being one of the major pillars of one's wellbeing. Operating in the power sector for a company like Tata Power exposes it to many hazards which can result in human, environmental and financial losses. Keeping this in mind, Safety of its employees, business associates, workers and the community around it is of utmost importance to Tata Power and it has imbibed it in its working culture. Tata Power Western Odisha Distribution Limited has inculcated this prioritization and culture of Safety from its parent company.

The inception of the Safety Journey took place with the launch of Safety Policy of TPWODL on 11th January 2021 by Dr. Praveer Sinha, MD & CEO Tata Power. On the basis of the policy a broad Safety Deployment roadmap of TPWODL was framed identifying the actions to be taken in three phases with the phases being earmarked as follows- first three months, six months and twelve months. Considering TPWODL was transitioning from erstwhile WESCO, a kick-off safety meeting was conducted with the management of WESCO officials in order to orient them with the culture of safety at Tata Power, the Safety policy of TPWODL as well as knowledge and experience sharing of Safety procedures and practices carried out earlier at WESCO. After this initiation of Safety Oaths were conducted across various levels of TPWODL to earmark the culture of safety across the Discom while simultaneously procurement of PPE kits took place. Finally Safety Orientations were conducted across the five circles of TPWODL with a total participation of 3595 employees and business associates. The training consisted of Safety Oaths in the beginning, usage of PPE kits, procedures while working at heights, usage of insulated hand tools, creation of safety zones and disbursal of general safety guidelines. After the induction trainings being conducted at all the five circles of TPWODL. Theme specific safety training sessions were also conducted at TPWODL. The first session under this category was Incident Investigation Awareness where participants were trained on intricacies of investigation of any incident namely procedures to be followed, identification of causes , matrix or processes used ,causes to be identified and actions to be taken along with other topics of relevance. During the National Road safety months, a Road Safety training program was conducted by the Safety Team which included an awareness session for hired vehicle drivers along with counselling of drivers,