Communication is imperative for creation and sustenance of effective teams and ensuring delivery of efficient results. In order to do so, Tata Power conducts Townhalls as an initiative to improve communication within the organization. These townhalls are events both online and offline where the senior leadership as per the scale of the event whether it is at the locational, subsidiary, regional, cluster or company level have an open interaction with the various employees to understand their grievance, queries and suggestions to promote effective communication between the management and the employees and gives an open platform for any employee to share their knowledge, experience or inputs which can improve the functioning of the organization or solve an underlying problem the organization is facing.

Taking inspiration from its parent group Tata Power Western Odisha Distribution Limited introduced its first "Townhall" named as "Parichay" on 7th September 2021.The physical session took place at the Biju E-learning Centre opposite of VSSTU, Burla which was attended approximately by 106 participants and was virtually joined by 346 participants who attended the event from their respective circle offices or through the online link provided on Microsoft Teams. The session was planned and designed in order to update the employees about the business and financial goals of the company, achievements so far, the way forward while focusing on the challenges faced and that were anticipated in future. After a brief on the following by the senior leadership of the company. Employees of all the five circles interacted with Mr. Gajanan Kale, CEO TPWODL along with the senior management through an open question and answer where all queries posed by employees from all the five circle were answered by the senior leaders as per the question concerning their department. In addition to Q&A session, suggestion and experience sharing by employees also took place where all the suggestion were noted by the senior leaders and their incorporation upon their feasibility was promised. The session was ended after all queries were addressed and suggestion were entertained. This was followed by Rewards and Recognition session.



While effective communication in an organization is a must for better cooperation and delivery of various teams in an organization. Recognition of efforts of its employees not only motivates the workforce but also incentivises them to give their utmost performance. TPWODL concluded its town hall with its first Rewards and Recognition program known as "Prashansa". The awards were categorized as follows namely Shining Star, Grahak Pariseva Puraskar and Going Beyond Award. The selection of the employees to be recognized for their work was carried out as per screening and evaluation done by the R&R committee whose members comprise of senior leaders from across the departments. A total of 178 employees from different department were rewarded through the program for the exemplary worked they carried out.