On 27th August 2021 marked the 163rd Birth Anniversary of Sir Dorabji Tata, one of the former Chairmen of the Tata Group and the founder of Tata Power. The event was inaugurated by a garlanding ceremony of the portrait of Sir Dorabji Tata along with the senior leadership team paying floral tributes to the leaders. The occasion also lead to the institution of " Sir Dorabji Tata Memorial Oration Series" at TPWODL and as mark of respect for the leader of Tata Group. It was aimed to be an annual event where eminent achievers of proven integrity will be invited to deliver a lecture on the birthday of Sir Dorabji Tata.

The inaugural edition of the " Sir Dorabji Tata Memorial Oration Series" was delivered by Mr. Harish Bhat , Brand Custodian Tata Sons on 31st August 2021 who is a renowned author with his contributions to many national publications. He is most known for his first book titled "Tatalog' which throws light on the history of the Tata Group. His other literary works also focus on the various achievements of the group as well as on consumer behavior and businesses .The event began with a Safety briefing and oath ceremony by Chief Commercial and Chief Ethics Counsellor Sh. Sunil Kumar Sharma which was followed by Mr. Harish Bhat's Lecture on Sir Dorabji Tata's life.

The lecture began with Sir Dhorabji Tata's early life and his entry into the family business and his ventures in the business. This was followed by Sir Jamshetji Tata's contribution towards the country where he pioneered first clean energy hydroelectric plant in India, the first integrated steel plant and the first commercial hotel as well as the first commercial space which is to be electrified and the first science and technology research institute, now known as Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. This pioneering achievement laid the foundation of many industries and institutions contributing to the country's economy and development while throwing light on Jamshetji Tata's patriotism and contribution towards India. After Jamshetji Tata's demise his works, mentioned above except the Taj Hotel were all at a very early stage from being, reaching their optimum potential and were furthered by his son Sir Dorabji Tata upon him becoming the Chairman after his father. He worked towards making those dreams of his father into a full-fledged reality despite facing many hindrances with his persistence. A major example of this was the exploration of iron ore and functioning of the first steel plant of the country where Dorabji Tata himself along with Charles Perin a surveyor and C. M. Weld a geologist was part of the exploration of iron ore and coke based coal while on the other hand he raised a capital of Rs 22 million through Indian investors due to British investors denied him funding resulting in the first IPO of its kind in India. Another example is setting up of Tata Hydro Electricity Supply Company which is now Tata Power which through Sir Dorabji Tata's persistence, motivation and guidance led to creation of first Hydroelectric plant in India. Moreover Sir Dorabji Tata's inherited a company with having three textile mills and one hotel of which by his death in the year 1932 the group expanded and diversified into Tata Steel, Tata Power, Allied Cement Company, Tata Oil Mills Company ,New India Insurance Company and Tata Airlines resulting in the group taking a shape of a conglomerate. Mr. Harish Bhat then gave numerous other examples of Sir Dorabji Tata's vision , ambition and persistence to change the Tata group and the Indian economy by giving example of New India Insurance ,expansion of Tata Steel among others. Mr. Harish Bhat then threw light on the generous and philanthropic nature of Sir Dhorabji Tata from his sponsorship of the first Indian Olympic Team, to pledging his family's personal wealth to raise funds to prevent a collapse of the Tata Steel Company and finally giving up all his wealth under Sri Dorabji Tata Trust. Sri Dorabji Tata Trust had established the first cancer hospital in Asia, which was established and supported through the trust. The trust also set up the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research which invented India's first digital computer which played a key role in atomic research for India. He also set up the Tata Institute

of Social Sciences and Center for Performing Arts. Thus his generosity has funded many founding institutions of the country. At the end of his lecture, he emphasized on how one can learn from Sir Dorabji Tata's life by imbibing "the persistence in achieving our goals, how ambitious in what we are doing and how can we be generous in our spirit." Then he thanked everybody for inviting him for the lecture and for being such a wonderful audience while Mr. Sunil Kumar Sharma, Chief Commercial Services expressed hearty thanks to the speaker and proceeded towards the question hour session.

.The question were majorly on ethical conduct followed at the Tata group and its impact, problems faced by the corporate world and personal memorable moments felt by the speaker in his association with the Tata group, economic growth of the country. The session was concluded by a brief address as well as vote of thanks by Mr. Gajanan Kale, CEO TPWODL to the speaker and participants as well organizers.

The Sir Dhorabji Tata Memorial Oration series could not have had a better beginning with the first lecture by the brand custodian of Tata Group dedicated to Sir Dhorabji Tata and the values he lived by. TPWODL is looking forward to more such successful lecture series in the future.


Garlanding by the CEO Mr, Gajanan Kale Floral tributes being paid by Sunil Kumar Sharma, Chief Commercial and Chief Ethics Counsellor,TPWODL

Mr. Harish Bhat conducting the lecture

Audience attending the LectureConcluding Remarks and Vote of Thanks by CEO

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